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Show Notes

- No roundtable again. It's a bitch to edit.
- Discussion on Restaurant Coffee, and how the best restaurant in the US (French Laundry - website) doesn't even "get it", serving illy pod espresso.
- Suggestion that somelliers at fine dining establishments learn about high end coffee and espresso, take advanced barista training courses, and add it to their repetoire.
- Talk about port wine, and how it is the "espresso" of the booze world (apologies to whiskey and wine drinkers).
- Mark's picks on the best bargains in port wine right now
- Listener emails answered:
 - How to know you're getting a good shot of espresso in a cafe
 - How important the quality of espresso is in milk drinks
 - More on ristretto as a "crutch" drink
 - Coffee brewers for the physically disabled.

Enjoy folks! Next wednesday, news with Jeanette Chan and maybe a round table ;)
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