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CG Podcast 012 - OpEd, Emails and Ken Davids Interview Pt1 Show Notes
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Opinion / Editorial
- Hines Public Market Coffee - closing? Not closing? Wolf!
- KitchenAid Proline Grinder controversy followup.

- Murky Coffee not offering espresso blends for sale? (update: apparently not - maybe Nick will answer why); wants to know what beans are "espresso" and what are "coffee". Mark explains all.
- What is the difference between steam driven and pump driven espresso machines.
- What coffee brewers brew coffee at proper temperatures. Answer, not many, but Mark mentions some specifics, including the Capresso MT500, the Capresso CoffeeTec, and the Technivorm coffee maker.
- What is the proper way to drink espresso. Mark mentions Chris Tacy's segment in the Portafilter Podcast; discusses that there is not just one proper way to drink espresso.

Interview with Ken Davids
- Discussion about Ken's early involvement in the business of coffee
- Discussion about Ken's books, Coffee, a Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying, and Espresso: Ultimate Coffee, and Home Coffee Roasting.
- Discussion about Ken's favourite roasters and coffee blends.

Two more interviews from Ken coming down the road.

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