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Show Notes

Intro, song by Small Fish, called "Coffee Shop" from the Podsafe Music Network.

- Joe explains how Co2 transports oils, lipids and aromatics in ground coffee to your cup.
- Jason writes in about the OneSixtyBlue restaurant in Chicago doing coffee right.
- Mark explains why Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters is CoffeeGeek's official coffee supplier.
- Jason also asks about if its okay to freeze coffee, because George Howell said so. George only talked about freezing green coffee.
- Ottawa listener writes in about Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa also doing good coffee.
- Donald writes in about vac pots. Mark tells a bit, and promises an entire podcast on vacpots.
- Liam from Belfast writes in about espresso being a "whole life experience"; Mark talks about God shots and the ever moving bar of quality.
- Drew writes in asking about refurb machines and the Capresso C3000.
- Email about Starbucks and super autos.
- Audio mail about finding a good tamper for a Krups combo machine. Mark talks about the Staub Tamp
- Audio Kudos, Mark talks about the role of the podcast

Mini Round Table with Instaurator.
- you'll have to tune in to find out what was talked about. It's good stuff! And more to come from Instaurator!

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Enjoy folks!
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