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CG Podcast 025 - Huge Show! Latest and greatest is now online... it's late again, sorries!


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Show Notes

Coffees and Machines in the CG Lab!

- Coffee from Double Shot Coffee, who also have a podcast, which can be subcribed through iTunes. Great coffee.
- On the test bench - the Vibiemme Domobar Super, the Krups XP4020, and finishing up the Detailed Review on the Isomac Super Giada
- The La Marzocco GS3 has arrived. Mark babbles, because he's so excited. Several threads on CoffeeGeek (thread one, thread two) talk about the machine.

Tasting Batdorf and Bronson Coffee with Mark and Beata.

- Three limited edition blends, called latitudes.
- Ethiopian Yirgacheffe "Kello" was Beata's first pick as a black coffee, and it shows massive blueberry as it cools down and a tiny bit of cream is added.
- Panama Esmerelda Jaramillo was Beata's first choice with milk. It is a very acidic coffee that gets better as it cools, finishes with "table red wine" acidity. With a bit of milk, brings out big caramel, or a combo of vanilla and spice. Putting sugar in this (if you use milk) would be a criminal act.

- El Salvador Siberia is a surprise - Mark, who doesn't normally like acidic coffees, picks this one as his first choice. Amazing finish, very complex, pecan really starts to jump out. With milk, it goes chocolate spice.

News and updates with Jeanette Chan
- Jeanette and Mark talk about the CoffeeFest trade show, dink booth operators (some rude dude selling artsy coffeehouse tables), all the trinkets and stuff at the show.
- Some talk about the Clover espresso machine
- More talk about the La Marzocco GS3
- News, including beer coffee, (yikes), cancer fund raising in coffee, and much more.

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