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CG Podcast 032 - Brasil Cup of Excellence Part II Once more, a huge thanks to Cindy for putting together these excellent show notes!

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Show Notes

Intro - Christa Couture, "day 4"

Changes (0:50)
- Beata and Mark shack up!
- CoffeeGeek says thanks and goodbye to Jeanette.

New Audio Equipment courtesy of Samson (3:43)
- An amazing MDR6 Mixing Board
- A C03 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone to upgrade from the C01 - will make round tables easier to produce
- A Hardware Compressor - automatically evens out the audio as people move closer and farther away from the microphones
- Many thanks to Ira and the folks at Samson!

Cup of Excellence Brasil Auction, Part II (9:02)

Interview with Andrew Barnett of Ecco Caffè, Santa Rosa, California, international juror for Cup of Excellence (10:14)
- Andrew on what COE is all about and his involvement with it (11:42)
- The Brasil auction: what $50/lb may do for coffee; marketing to the consumer (15:48)
- Andrew's impressions of the winning coffee; how COE coffees are scored (19:49)
- Lot #1: Fazenda Santa Inês; farmer, Francisco Dias Pereira. Highest scoring coffee in any COE with a score of 95.85; received Andrew's top score of 97; received two scores of 100. Purchased by Michel's Espresso, Instaurator and Caffè Artigiano. Mark and Andrew discuss the price of the coffee from the consumer perspective (21:14)
- Lot #2: Fazenda São Benedito; farmer, Antônio José Junqueira Villela. Sold for $7.80 per pound; purchased by The Roasterie, Stumptown, Ecco Caffè, Kaffa, and Maruyama. (30:43)
- Lot #3: Sítio São José; farmer, Luiz Roberto Ribeiro. The farms that produced the top three coffees are neighbors. (33:02)
- Lot #23 purchased by Ecco Caffè, 49th Parallel Roasters, Intelligentsia, and Golden Coffee Box - Fazenda Santa Terezinha; farmer, Paulo Sérgio de Almeida. (37:01)
- will join COE at the benefactor level (41:01)
- Coming soon to Ecco Caffè: a coffee purchased with the Small Axe Alliance from the Bolivian COE (41:41)

Susie Spindler, Executive Director, Cup of Excellence (45:40)
- Susie on what COE is all about and her involvement with it (46:58)
- How consumers can find local COE coffees; how to get their roasters involved in COE (50:08)
- Benefits of standard COE membership include access to the auction system, priority on international juries, and access to a searchable database of winning farms (51:24)
- Building bridges between roasters, farmers and cultures (53:06)
- The Brasil auction: what $50/lb may do for coffee; scoring of the first place coffee and the stigma of coffee from Brasil among specialty coffee roasters (57:51)
- Marketing coffees to the consumer as a culinary treat: raising the expectations of the consumer (1:04:38)
- Disparity between scores and prices of the first and second place coffees (1:11:52)
- Visit the COE web site to learn more. (1:15:00)

Outro - Christa Couture, "day 4"
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