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CG Podcast 033 - Newbies in the house! Again, thanks to Rock Star Cindy for doing these excellent show notes.

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Show Notes

Newbie Show: Today’s guests, Beata Siwinski and Julie! (1:52)
Beata and Julie ask Mark their coffee questions:

When did people first start drinking coffee? (3:29)
- A brief history of coffee: Mark describes the discovery of coffee and the rise of coffee’s popularity throughout Arabia and Western Europe (3:50)
- A very brief history of espresso: Mark describes the development of modern espresso and the first spring-loaded piston espresso machine in 1947 by Achilles Gaggia (9:08)

When were cappuccinos and lattes first created? (12:13)
- History of the cappuccino:  Mark traces the creation of the cappuccino from the French café au lait in the mid-1800s to the development of the steam wand in 1910. Some discussion about Caffe Reggio (NYC)'s claim to inventing the drink.

The Coffee Scene in Italy
- Espresso, cappuccino, lattes and cafe correcto: Julie’s coffee experiences in Italy (14:29)
- The Italian café scene: not so many laptops (16:31)
- Features that Mark, Julie and Beata would like to see in local cafes (18:11)

Why are some coffees stronger than others? Should you add salt to get rid of bitterness in coffee? (27:01)
- Different tastes reflect differences in coffees and differences in roasts

Will there be more newbie podcasts (perhaps about the importance of proper grind)? (31:30)
- Yes!
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