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CG Podcast 034 - CoffeeGeekin Roundtable Questions or comments or call the voicemail line at 1-206-965-8185, or Skype to Skype - search for the "CoffeeGeek" username.

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Show Notes

Intro – Vancouver Coffee Scene Roundtable (1:31)
- Michael, Mark’s neighbor and coffee enthusiast, (email him if you have an opening for a barista)
- jakethecoffeelover, CGer and author of
- Sean Strugnell aka strugs – CGer
- Matt, barista at Elysian Room, 5th and Burrard, Vancouver
- Peter, barista at Wicked Café, 7th and Hemlock, Vancouver, and author of

Review of Aerobie Aeropress (2:57)
- Metal filter vs nylon filter vs paper filter (4:00)
- The engadget pvc do-it-yourself, the Depresso, and experimentation (5:36)
- Comparison with the Clover (8:42)

Review of the Clover (10:17)
- Discovery Coffee: newest Clover in Canada (10:30)
- The Clover’s effect on body and adjusting the Clover for optimal brew (11:00)
- Use of the Clover in the café (18:08)

Back to the Aerobie: Future experimentation, blind cupping, and bloom (19:50)

Review of the Vibiemme Domobar (21:43)
- HX machine with E61 group and 2 liter boiler
- Fast steaming machine, very stable

Home Machines (24:57)
- Sean’s Wega Lyra; Peter’s Krups Novo; Michael and Jake’s Gaggia Espressos

Fave Coffeehouses and the Café Scene (32:45)
- The group’s favorites include Prado, JJBean, Continental, Elysian Room, Wicked Café, Victrola, 2% jazz

Wrap-Up (42:27)
- Thoughts on Chris Tacy leaving the coffee scene
- Funny stories about Jake
- A few comments about podcast .
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