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CG Podcast 035 - Black Coffee, SCAA Charlotte and Emails How did we manage to cram so much into a 40 minute show? Listen and find out!

Once again, massive, total, huge thanks to Cindy for these awesome show notes. She rocks!

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Show Notes

Coffee on Television: Black Coffee
- Three-episode documentary series on coffee, produced in Canada, rated "best ever watched" by Mark and Beata (2:56)
- More about Franciszek Jerzy Kulczycki, who opened the first café in Vienna and contributed so much to coffee culture (4:13)

Brasil Cup of Excellence Cupping
- Brief recap of the cupping - $175 raised for Coffee Kids! (10:42)
- Susie Spindler will try to provide extra samples of the COE coffees to Mark so that more COE cuppings to benefit Coffee Kids can be held in the near future. Watch the Western Canada forum on CoffeeGeek for invitations near the end of April for the Colombian CoE cupping. (11:57)
- Four more cuppings planned for June/July (14:39)

Mark Answers Email! (15:48)
- Jeffrey, a Kansas CoffeeGeek-in-Training, asks for Mark’s opinion on fluid-bed and drum roasters. Mark discusses home roasting technologies and how different types of roasters affect coffee. (15:58)
- Mike from San Francisco asks for Mark’s thoughts on Starbucks’ Black Apron coffees. Mark talks a little about Starbucks vs Doubleshot Café, then explains why Starbucks doesn’t currently use CoE quality coffees for their Black Apron program. (22:56)
- Alexandra in Montreal asks about having a CG podcast episode devoted to a discussion of fair trade practices and related changes in the coffee industry. Mark suggests ways that consumers can help support farmers. (28:37)

Preview of the 2006 SCAA Conference (35:12)
- Cool things: More Italian equipment manufacturers; the topic, Quality Tools for the Specialty Trade, focusing on tools to make coffee profitable for retailers; and the Culinary Track, including pairing foods with coffee and french press brewing/coffee variety in restaurants (35:31)
- Huge show floor, lots of parties, discounts at restaurants in Charlotte, on-location recordings, and a dual podcast with the crew! (40:26)


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