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CG Podcast 037 - SCAA Recap, Doug Zell, USBC, espresso machine giveaway! Questions or comments or call the voicemail line at 1-206-965-8185, or Skype to Skype - search for the CoffeeGeek username.

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Show Notes

Somewhere in this podcast, there's a trivia question that, if you answered correctly, you would have won a major prize. The contest is now closed, so please do not email; however, listen to future CG podcasts for more giveaways!

The prize this time around was a Krups XP4050 automatic espresso machine! Contest was open to residents of the US and Canada, 18 years of age and older, one entry per household is allowed - multiple entries will be disqualified. If you live in Canada, you may be subject to paying duties and taxes on the prize machine, and are subject to answering a further skill-testing question, should you win. This prize was offered "as is", no guarantees on the product's working state when it arrives, with no claims or monetary value. Huge props to Chris White of Alturra Coffee and Krups for providing the prize!

Intro: Beata and Mark – Live to tape once again! (3:39)

2006 SCAA Conference Recap (7:16)
- Rob Stephen, podcasts and forums, and the SCAA Town Hall meeting
- The Clover 1S: How Mark finally found body and pleasing aftertaste in a Clover cup, thanks to Oliver at Batdorf and Bronson's booth an their Colombian CoE coffee! (13:15)
- Social parties, Mark’s "mission"; also lots of pulled pork and fried chicken (23:56)
- The USBC and Matt Riddle, the Renaissance man (Congrats, Matt!!!) (26:42)

Ambush Interview! – Doug Zell, Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea (28:07)
- Intelligentsia’s presence in barista competitions in general and the 2006 USBC (29:20)
- About Matt Riddle (32:18)
- The Intelligentsia blends used at the competition (35:23)
- Matt’s media appearances (37:27)
- Next: the World Barista Championship (40:39)
- Major props to Billy Wilson! (42:26)
- About Intelligentsia’s soon-to-be-opened third location (45:35)
- Elevating coffee, from seed to cup (47:26)
- Cool cupping spoons (50:13)

Mark explains the "Cobra Kai" references everyone's saying these days (53:51)

SCAA Financial Situation (55:21)
- Background of the situation (55:56)
- Town Hall meeting (58:09)
- Beata reads questions and answers from the meeting: how much money was lost; criminal/civil action; relationship of involved persons with the SCAA; financial position of guilds; donating specifically to the guilds; how "first responder" funds were used; how far back theft occurred; why more is not heard about actions taken by the board; the status of the criminal investigation (58:31)
- Mark’s suggestions: guild donations being more direct and the SCAA doing regional events (1:08:07)

Changes on the CoffeeGeek web site (1:09:20)
- Hiring a new content editor (1:09:31)
- More new articles (3 or so a week) from industry folks and regular columnists (1:11:31)
- Beata’s suggestions for new content (1:14:34)

Dallis Coffee pre-ground pre-portioned coffee for French press (1:21:06)

BTW - those PF boys... thinking they can catch up with me. Muwahahahahahah!
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