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CG Podcast 043 - More Irish! More Coffee! Once again, huge, massive, big thanks to Cindy for doing these show notes. I was very late in posting them. I can't believe all the links she researched!

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Show Notes

Today’s Special Guests: Stephen Morrissey and Jen (0:33)
- Stephen is a barista trainer and apprentice roaster for Bewley’s in Dublin and Jen is his lovely girlfriend! (2:56)
- Stephen’s assessment of Ireland’s current café culture and where it’s going (4:54)
- Stephen lists some good cafés in Ireland: Avoca Café, Bewley’s, Karl Purdy’s cart, Donnybrook Fair, and Dunne and Crescenzi; and Mark talks about Danny, an altie in England who operates a propane-run 3-group Gaggia lever machine on his coffee cart (8:40)
- Stephen’s first modeling job – for Mark’s upcoming Imbibe Magazine article (12:50)
- Stephen’s reaction to home espresso machines and the Solis SL-70 in particular (13:42)
- Steaming milk, froth aiders, crema enhancers, and consumers today (14:52)
- Latte art and drink quality (17:46)
- Mark says Marzocco the dog can activate the steam wand on a La Marzocco!
- Places Stephen’s checking out while he’s here: Wicked Café and Intelligentsia Coffee (22:37)
- Jen’s impressions of the café scene here as opposed to Ireland and wireless vs. non-wireless (24:25)
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