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CG Podcast 045 - Black Gold, Super autos and Coffee tastings Questions or comments or call the voicemail line at 1-206-965-8185, or Skype to Skype - search for the CoffeeGeek username.

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Show Notes

Black Gold, Superautos and More with Mark and Beata
This episode brought to you by, your one-stop shop for anything and everything espresso or coffee related!

Intro - Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega (0:11)

New coffees we’ve tried lately  
- West Coast Roasting’s Espresso Torro (4:04)
- Intelligentsia’s Kid O is back! (7:21)
- Ecco Caffè’s Bolivian 2005 Cup of Excellence and Daterra Espresso (7:57)
- Novo Coffee’s wild forest coffees (9:53)

Black Gold – Mark and Beata’s review (11:07)
- Starbucks’ portrayal in the movie (12:27)
- The rise in the New York “C? price  (14:04)
- Tadesse Meskela of the Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Coop and building schools in Ethiopia (16:53)
- A few criticisms (19:18)

New espresso machine news!
- La Marzocco GS3 – delivery dates have gone out (23:04)
- Krups’ new superauto coming out this fall (26:34)

Contest results!  (37:18)
- Haiku contest winner: Jeremey Barrett of Sugar Land, Texas (37:43)
- Zoka DVD contest winner: Travis from Bellingham, Washington (email us by 9/12!) (39:31)

News about CoffeeGeek (40:16)
- A fix to the forum search functionality is in the works (40:22)
- The Marketplace, a place for advertisers to announce their latest products, is coming (41:19)
- The annual Holiday Gift List is returning (hopefully) in mid-November (43:05)

Mark’s latest magazine articles
- City Food, Restaurant coffee and Mark’s challenge (45:15)
- Imbibe Magazine, Espresso 101 (51:43)

Wrap up (53:53)
- Next podcast: the Imbibe Magazine episode

Outro  – Tom’s? by Michael Stipe
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