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Show Notes

00:00   Intro
00:40   Sponsored by 49th Parallel Roasters
02:09   SCAA Minneapolis Post Show Report
02:28   Show Reports on CoffeeGeek
03:39   Elektra Nino at SCAA
05:04   Baratza Vario Grinder at SCAA
12:18   Great grinder for restaurants
13:22   Hottop Coffee Roaster
16:14   Ascaso Espresso Machines
19:32   Whole Latte Love at the SCAA
20:57   Handpresso Manual Espresso Maker
22:34   Mark goes on a USBC RANT!
28:45   SCAA Wrapup
29:03   49th Parallel Roasters
29:34   Connecting Worlds: The Coffee Trail, a Photo Book
31:57   Interview with George Howell
32:42   George talks about Connecting Worlds: The Coffee Trail
39:14   Vacuum packing green coffee, a growing trend
43:50   Wine analogies with coffee
46:36   "Blends hide the farmer" - George explains
51:13   Can espresso blends ever celebrate the farmer as much as s/o does?
57:19   Cup of Excellence discussion
58:24   Trends in coffee - farm names vs. brand names
1:01:09   Terroir Coffee - New coffees
1:09:48   Show wrapup - did Mark get punked?

(I think he did).
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