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Getting Caught Up - Mark talks about the last two months in the world of coffee, about Phuong Tran's visit to Vancouver, the January - February run to raise money for CoffeeKids, the upcoming WBC Machine certifications, and the continuing redesign of

00:00   Start
00:40   49th Parallel Roasters
02:29   CoffeeFest
05:53   Phuong Tran visits Vancouver
07:16   Recording woes, switching to iMac and GarageBand
07:50   Enhanced Podcast Comments
08:42   Channel 4 Link
11:50   Italy vs. N. America - the Results
12:51   World Barista Championships
15:32   Other bodies already trying to set espresso and barista standards
16:24   49th Parellel Coffee Roasters
16:52   Contest - Tell us your favourite coffee moment!
18:35   Tell us about your favourite barista! Some emails.
19:16   Saluna Cafe, Paris
20:02   Intelligentsia
20:38   YouTube Video of Sean
21:10   Intelligentsia Coffee
21:40   Profile of Anthony at Terra Keramic website
22:16   BJava Coffee and Tea
23:02   Octane Espresso Blog
24:06   Cafe de Troit - RIP
25:39   Trans Canada Adventures
27:00   Rebuilding the Faema
28:25   Coffee at the Moment
31:13   World Barista Championship Espresso and Machine Grinder Certification
36:25   49th Parallel Coffee Roasters
37:20   Further information about the Enhanced version of this podcast (compatible with iTunes / iPods / Apple TV only)
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