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CoffeeGeek Podcast 006 - Passion for Coffee, Mail Call, Tamper Review and Roundtable

Intro - what is the podcast all about; Coffee as a passion, and not as a fuel; Read Usenet: and search for shoutout (

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Mail Call Segment
Mail 1 - what about a $100 setup: Get a grinder. Get good coffee. (Bodum Antigua)

Finding cheap prices:
Yama Vacpot:
Mail 2 - Coffee as a ritual for beginners Pointer to Newbie Revelations
Mail 3 - Recommend a machine to me.
Two machines mentioned - Gaggia Carezza, Solis SL-70
Mail 4 - How many beans in a cup

Mini Review, Reg Barber Tamper Review / Interview with Matt, Prado Cafe
Reg Barber all metal anodized tamper, . Highly recommended.

Roundtable Discussion with Alistair Durie (, Sammy Piccolo (, Mark Prince and Aaron DeLazzar (Coffee Missionary) Camping coffee. Mentioned products: Peugeot Grinder, Zassenhaus Grinders, Press Pots Cafes with culture: Victrola Coffee (, Shoutout to Tonx' website (

Wrapup. Email questions to

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