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Questions or comments or call the voicemail line at 1-206-965-8185, or Skype to Skype - search for the CoffeeGeek username. Take your pick on how to listen: RSS MP3 Feed; RSS Enhanced Audio Feed (NEW! iTunes / iPod only) Choose your links for subscribing. Or if you prefer a direct download, here it is: CG Podcast 064 MP3 File. Apple iTunes direct link (this is the enhanced feed) Show Notes This episode talks about some great coffees available this summer, a new Barista outreach program from the Cup of Excellence, and a feature interview with Carl Sara. 00:00   Start 00:45   Sponsored by 49th Parallel Roasters 03:29   World Barista Championship Recorded Streams 05:58   Great Coffees in the Summer Intro 06:37   Mainstream Media backlash against "culinary" coffee 07:41   Fox Business Video of Matt Milletto handling dump talking heads well 09:12   Chicago Tribune Article about Intelligentsia ending 20oz coffee sizes 12:29   Commodity / Utility Coffee and Culinary Coffee can co-exist 16:38   Consumers who like culinary coffee - less than 20%? 19:51   Breaking down the top 20% of coffee drinkers 25:38   The iced espresso debate 30:10   Commodity coffee and culinary coffee have their place. 32:27   Cup of Excellence Barista Program 37:43   Great Coffees for July and August! 38:08   Esmeralda Microlot Batch 8 from Counter Culture Coffee 39:40   Summer Solstace Blend and Kenya Gauriri Auction lot from Intelligentsia Coffee 41:17   Kenya AA Ruiru Auction Lot from Batdorf and Bronson 42:23   Sumatra Blue Batak Peaberry from Great Plains Coffee Roasters 43:55   Sponsored by 49th Parallel Roasters 44:16   Next episode - exclusive reviews of 49th Parallel Coffees 45:07   Interview with Carl Sara 1:22:29   Show Wrapup
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