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The CoffeeGeek Podcast, Episode 69:
The History of Espresso, Part One

In this episode, we go all the way back to 1820 to see the first uses of steam to aid in brewing coffee.

  • Inventions by Rabaut, Caseneuve, Romershausen and Parker are very similar to the modern day stovetop moka pot.
  • Mme. Vassieux's invention and production of the siphon coffee brewer
  • Early developments in the recirculating percolator
  • Edouard Loysel's Hydrostatic Coffee Maker
  • Development of the Press Pot
  • Explosions, limits of steam in both temperatures (excessive) and pressures (1.5bar average)
  • Gustaf Kessel's big single-coffee brewing boiler system
  • Angelo Moriondo's precurser to the Bezerra / Pavoni design
  • Luigi Bezerra's patent and early "Giant Type with Double Tap" coffee maker
  • Pavoni enters the scene, buys Bezerra's patents, and improves on them
  • The design of the disperson system and pressure relief valves
  • The Pavoni Ideale, the first machine marketed as an espresso machine
  • Pier Teresio Arduino's involvement in espresso
  • Marketing of espresso by Arduino
  • Experiments with screw down pistons and air pumps
  • Illy's work with the Illeta automatic espresso machine
  • Marco Cremonese's patent for pistons
  • Rosetta Scorza and Gaggia
  • Achille Gaggia's revelation moving from screw piston to spring loaded piston
  • Modern day espresso is born.

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