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CoffeeGeek Podcast 042 - Arthur the Barista Huge thanks to Cindy as always for putting together these show notes!


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Show Notes

Intro (0:40)
- Where are episodes 40 and 41? (0:46)
- This episode sponsored by Whole Latte Love! (1:29)
- Leave us voicemails! (2:20)

Today’s Special Guest:
Arthur Wynne (3:36)
- From carpentry to coffee, Sydney, 1997-1998 (4:23)
- The move to Ireland and Bewley’s, 2004 (7:12)
- The coffee scene in Dublin today; how it compares to the rest of Europe and Australia (9:52)
- James Hoffman’s WBC signature drink(14:59)
- Bern: WBC accreditation (16:55); the show floor, meeting coffee people (18:15); the city of Bern (22:25)
- Latte art championship: how Arthur learned, his first good pour, his strategy for Berne (23:25)
- What Mark loved about Bern – meeting people with a passion for all things coffee (30:09)
- Arthur and Mark’s latte art tips for consumers – talk to your barista, texturing milk, the process step-by-step (31:29)
- Whole Latte Love’s latte art contest (40:32)
- Is the double shot basket a crutch? Amp up your skillz with a single shot basket! (42:30)
- Alcohol and coffee: Nuts and Berries, Seduction di Mezzanotte, coffee and tequila, espresso martinis, Irish and Spanish coffees (46:52)
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