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CG Podcast 044 - Emails Galore! Questions or comments or call the voicemail line at 1-206-965-8185, or Skype to Skype - search for the CoffeeGeek username.

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Show Notes

Massive Email Show with Beata, Live to Tape! Featuring two prize Giveaways!
Two prize giveaways are buried in the show - the excellent "Zoka Way" Instructional DVD for home baristas, and an autographed copy of "Cafe Haiku" – listen to the podcast for details on how to win! Deadline is August 31, 2006, and entries should be sent to beata.s at coffeegeek dotter com.

The questions:
- What is a “sweet? shot of espresso? (2:00)
Mark talks about supertasters, the characteristics of a sweet shot of espresso, and what might cause excessive bitterness.(4:03)

- I need a grinder for $100 to $120 US, can you recommend some options? (7:39)
Mark suggests a Solis Maestro Classic or Solis Maestro Plus for that price point, but his real recommendation is – don’t skimp on a grinder! (8:31)

- I get iced coffee at Ritual Coffee, it’s everything I wish iced coffee could be! Could you explain how to make this? (10:30)
Mark describes two devices for cold brewing made by Hario and Toddy and gives his recipe for iced americanos. (11:22)

- Where can I get a replacement for the frothing tip on my Francis! Francis! X1? (16:11)
The frothing aid tip is proprietary and can’t be removed easily, but Mark discovered that there is a way to produce latte art quality microfoam with the froth aider. (16:50)

- How can I develop my ability to accurately taste coffees and describe what we are tasting? (19:32)
Mark suggests the Le Nez du Café kits from the SCAA, if price is no object, or a simpler method: visit a farmers’ market. (20:27)

- Do you have any ideas for home roasting single origin coffees for espresso? (23:40)
Mark, who is anti-single-origin espresso, suggests creating an espresso blend using different roast levels with the same coffee. (26:35)

- A suggestion for a future podcast – discuss coffee house culture in other cities, especially Montreal. (30:22)
Mark names streets in Montreal known for their really cool cafés and recommends one café in particular: Caffe Art Java. (31:20)

- Why use anything but a perfectly flat tamper? (33:10)
Mark discusses the theories behind convex bottoms, Euro curves, American curves and the C Flat, and his work with Reg Barber on a new tamper design. (33:49)

- Where does Kona stand in the world of specialty coffee? (37:51)
Mark buys Kona directly from Smith Farms, but cautions that the name Kona doesn’t guarantee quality. Too delicate for an espresso blend, Kona can be memorable when brewed in a vac pot. Find a small farmer and buy green from them direct. (38:48)

- Currently I use a Melitta filter holder. Why should I start using a press pot? (43:26)
A manual filter is a great method for brewing! But if you want to try press pot coffee, it’s inexpensive; press pots can be had for as little as $15. See the Guides and How-to section of CG for Mark’s guide on brewing press pot coffee. (44:14)

- When are you going to start doing your “regular? shows so beginners can relate too? (47:28)
We’re doing it right now – partly because of this email! We’ll do more shows covering a wide range of topics for everyone from newbies to professionals. (47:56)

Speaking of professional issues – even if you are new to coffee, please consider reading the (somewhat controversial) article on the Cup of Excellence alliance with the National Coffee Association on the CG home page. It describes how the CoE program has introduced the consumer to the farmer and the lives behind the coffee. (48:56)
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CG Podcast 041 - Live (to tape) from Firenze, a long time ago! Live to tape from Firenze, Italia, recorded about 2 months ago now (lol!), it's the midnight session of the CoffeeGeek Podcast featuring Nick Cho of the podcast and Andrew Barnett from Ecco Cafe

Thanks to our sponsors, including Rocket Coffee Roasters, Zaccardis, and Coffee and Kitchen.

Show notes coming soon.
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CG Podcast 043 - More Irish! More Coffee! Once again, huge, massive, big thanks to Cindy for doing these show notes. I was very late in posting them. I can't believe all the links she researched!

Questions or comments or call the voicemail line at 1-206-965-8185, or Skype to Skype - search for the CoffeeGeek username.

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Show Notes

Today’s Special Guests: Stephen Morrissey and Jen (0:33)
- Stephen is a barista trainer and apprentice roaster for Bewley’s in Dublin and Jen is his lovely girlfriend! (2:56)
- Stephen’s assessment of Ireland’s current café culture and where it’s going (4:54)
- Stephen lists some good cafés in Ireland: Avoca Café, Bewley’s, Karl Purdy’s cart, Donnybrook Fair, and Dunne and Crescenzi; and Mark talks about Danny, an altie in England who operates a propane-run 3-group Gaggia lever machine on his coffee cart (8:40)
- Stephen’s first modeling job – for Mark’s upcoming Imbibe Magazine article (12:50)
- Stephen’s reaction to home espresso machines and the Solis SL-70 in particular (13:42)
- Steaming milk, froth aiders, crema enhancers, and consumers today (14:52)
- Latte art and drink quality (17:46)
- Mark says Marzocco the dog can activate the steam wand on a La Marzocco!
- Places Stephen’s checking out while he’s here: Wicked Café and Intelligentsia Coffee (22:37)
- Jen’s impressions of the café scene here as opposed to Ireland and wireless vs. non-wireless (24:25)
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