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CoffeeGeek Podcast 048 - Fundraiser and HGL Update! A big update about the CoffeeGeek Holiday Gift List and Fund Raiser, including

- closing auctions
- encouraging direct donations
- sneak peak at upcoming auctions
- sneak peak at a major auction - a fully-expenses paid trip to origin!
- Brad Ford joins us to discuss some amazing coffees from Terroir Coffee and the HGL.

Detailed show Notes coming soon. Donate today!
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CoffeeGeek Podcast 047 - HGL Preview! Questions or comments or call the voicemail line at 1-206-965-8185, or Skype to Skype - search for the CoffeeGeek username.

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Show Notes

2006 Holiday Gift List and Fundraiser for CoffeeKids Preview

Intro (0:06)
- Un Jour Comme Un Autre - Brigitte Bardot, Putamayo Presents French Cafe

Shout Outs... (2:55)
- to Colter Jones, Cafe Artigiano, the 2006 Canadian Barista Champion!
- and to Billy Wilson, Albina Press, the 2006 Northwest Regional Barista Champion!

Latest Project #1 - Tamper (4:44)
- Part 2 and Part 3 of Tamping Science, Theory and Practice
- Working with Reg Barber on developing a new tamper

Latest Project #2- Editor's Picks (6:19)
- Espresso edition: best espresso machines, best tamper, best espresso blend, best grinder...
- Coffee edition: drip machines, grinders, alternative brewing methods, best coffees

Latest Happening in Vancouver - Ugly Water! (9:38)
- Heavy rains have caused the local water supply to become turbid
- No water, no coffee: some local coffee shops have stopped serving as a result

The Important Stuff - the CG 5th Annual Holiday Gift List and Fundraiser (16:23)
- Launching 11/20/2006! (this link will be live by 12pm PST, November 20).
- This year's list includes over 125 products that any CoffeeGeek would love!!
- Create your own wish list, rate items according to your "want" factor, and email to friends and family!!!
- CoffeeKids fundraising: this year's Holiday Gift List primary sponsor is Krups, who has generously agreed to give half of their sponsorship fee directly to CoffeeKids (20:38)
- A preview of other products included on the HGL (23:08)

Charitable events
- Dollar-for-dollar matching campaign: donate through the CG site and sponsors will match your donation! Matching sponsors include Intelligentsia Coffee, Counter Culture Coffee, Chris Coffee Service, Kitchen Universe, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, and Baratza (27:31)
- The 3rd Annual Silent Auction: will include a vast range of amazing, unique, super cool coffee-related items and events (eg, A Day with a Roaster) worth over $8,000. Bid often, bid high! (31:51)

A podcast a week! (38:41)
- Mark promised! Well, at least through the holidays! He'll try!  

Outro (40:04)
- Reprise: Un Jour Comme Un Autre - Brigitte Bardot, Putamayo Presents French Cafe
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