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CoffeeGeek Podcast 053 - UKBC And SCAA Elections Questions or comments or call the voicemail line at 1-206-965-8185, or Skype to Skype - search for the CoffeeGeek username.

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Show Notes

Intro (0:06)
- "Jennifer Grey," by Christa Couture

Interview with James Hoffman, 2006 UK Barista Champion (2:07)
- Mark and James discuss differences in regional competitions (4:07)
- Cafés in London to check out: Monmouth Coffee House, Flat White (7:03)
- James' signature drink: the "liquid doughnut" (8:24)
- The UK Barista Competition (11:54)

SCAA Election (16:29)
- The possibility of serious representation for retailers and baristas… (16:40)
- What it means for consumers (16:58)

Interview with Ric Rhinehart (17:40)
- Candidate for 2nd Vice President, SCAA
- President of Groundwork Coffee, a roaster/retailer
- One of the questions posed to Ric: Is there a good connection between the SCAA and consumers? (23:57)

Interview with Ellie Matuszak (47:59)
- Candidate for SCAA Board of Directors
- Wholesale rep, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea; Chair, Barista Guild of America
- One of the questions posed to Ellie: Do you think the C-membership program (SCAA consumer membership) should be revived? (59:14)

Interview with Jeff Taylor (1:14:50)
- Candidate for SCAA Board of Directors
- Co-founder, CEO, and Director of Coffee, PT's Coffee Company
- One of the questions posed to Jeff: How can the SCAA make the SCAA brand valuable to retailers and significant to consumers? (1:32:07)

Next podcast: Café culture with Christa Couture! (1:45:44)

Outro (1:46:35)
- "Jennifer Grey," by Christa Couture.
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