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CoffeeGeek Podcast 055 - Aussie Coffee Questions or comments or call the voicemail line at 1-206-965-8185, or Skype to Skype - search for the CoffeeGeek username. Take your pick on how to listen: RSS Feed link for subscribing, or CG Podcast 055 MP3 File for straight downloading. Apple iTunes direct link. Show Notes Intro (0:03) - "Black Coffee", by Everlast featuring Merry Clayton Espresso in Australia, with guest co-host Luca Costanzo, Melbourne, Australia (0:46) - About Luca: working at First Pour (retail showroom for Veneziano coffee roastery) and moderating the CG Australasia forums (1:56) The coffee scene in Australia - Market saturation and the status of specialty coffee (2:42) - Lawsuits and the coffee market (4:39) - Drip coffee in Australia (7:41) - The consumer experience in commercial cafés (9:58): drink sizes (10:08), milk drinks (12:56) - Coffee at home in Australia (15:56): Sunbeam in Australia (17:17), drip coffee makers and vac pots (20:14), comparison of North American and Australian markets for home equipment such as grinders (21:08), high-end equipment for sale in cafés(25:55) - Michel's Espresso and the $50 a pound coffee (27:49) The CoffeeGeek Australasian Forum Community (35:05) - The Australian attitude from the American perspective (35:47) - Luca's memorable moments in the forum (41:23) Luca's review of Mark's article, "How to Buy an Espresso Machine" (46:38) Australian Barista Championship (ABC) (49:52) - Data entry, scoring, judging and "The Controversial WBC" (50:59) - Signature drinks at this year's ABC (1:07:10): David Makin's palate cleanser plus sig drink (1:07:46), a signature drink that could be made at home - Erin Sampson's signature drink (1:13:21) - Signature drinks with Vietnamese-style coffee; movement to have a Vietnamese entrant in the WBC; and new entrants from Africa (1:16:49) Wrap Up: Thanks to Luca and a quote from pstam (1:18:30)
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