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CoffeeGeek Podcast 057 - Grab Bag and WBC WBC Preview with interview with Tim Wendelboe
Show notes coming soon.
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Show Notes

Intro (0:06)
- "300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues", by The White Stripes

CG News (2:56)
- Rancilio Silvia First Look and video (3:08)
- New articles coming: Detailed and Quick Shot Reviews (5:03)

Emails Answered! (5:31)
- John Brinkman of writes in regarding a South African barista champion (Willem Pienaar) competing in the WBC this year (5:34)
- Brian Marshall sends in his thanks, leading Mark to talk about "benevolent coffee snobs" (8:25)
- Andrew Levine of Hamburg, Germany, sent in a long email with many, many newbie questions about making espresso with the Rancilio Silvia; see Mark's video, Rancilio Silvia Shot Walkthrough (12:47)
- Miles Spathelf asks for a comparison between two multi-purpose grinders for french press coffee, the KitchenAid Pro Line and Baratza Virtuoso (28:18)
- Laurel Clark asks if espresso can be made with single origin beans as well as espresso blends (37:26)
- Don Grafum wants to know what "pure Arabic coffee" is (43:57)
- Sheridan Adams asks about the Rancilio Jacky and the "upside down" brewing method for the Aeropress (48:28)
- Chris Mossop wants to know how restaurants with 3 Michelin stars - such as The Fat Duck - can serve pod coffee! (53:12)
- Patrick Smith wants Mark to settle a debate about freezing coffee (57:25)

Wrap Up
- "300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues", by The White Stripes (1:05:25)
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