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Show Notes
In episode 65, we talk a bit about CoffeeGeek on Twitter, revisions to the CoffeeGeek website, and have a feature interview with Kyle Anderson of Baratza, makers of the new Vario grinder.

00:00   Start
00:39   49th Parallel Coffee is the show sponsor
03:09   Vario Grinder
04:18   CoffeeGeek Twitter Feed
06:26   Square Mile Twitter Feed
06:40   James Hoffmann on Twitter
06:56   Jeff Taylor of PTs Coffee on Twitter
07:41   CoffeeGeek Redesign
18:00   49th Parallel Coffee commercial
18:26   Feature length interview with Kyle Anderson about the Vario Grinder
1:05:20   49th Parallel Coffee is the show sponsor - buying from them helps support this podcast.

Enjoy folks (sorry this shownote update is late!)
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