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Show Notes
A first of two parts looking into the history of the vacuum coffee brewer. Part One covers the invention of the vacpot and the development and popularity in Europe and America through the 1940s.

00:00:36  49th Parallel Coffee is the show sponsor
00:01:08  Getting in touch with us - or look for CoffeeGeek on Skype
00:01:34  Introduction to the VacPot History Episode
00:02:20  Research Notes and Background - Ian Bersten, Edward Bramah, B.A. Harris website, more
00:08:06  Different Terminology for Vacpots
00:08:31  Prehistory of Vacpots - Brewing History
00:09:58  Filtration Attempts in 1700s
00:12:07  Boiling Coffee as it Brews = Bad
00:12:47  Steam as a Method for Brewing
00:13:38  1835 - Earliest Vac Pot Designs
00:14:31  Madame Vassieux's Patented French Balloon
00:15:35  The Vacuum Coffee Maker Process
00:19:56  Problems with Filtration and Glass
00:21:24  The Balancing Siphon Coffee Brewer - First Automatic Coffee Maker!
00:24:43  How Balancing Siphon Coffee Brewers Were "Automatic"
00:28:27  1855-1895 - Mostly Balancing Siphons in Europe
00:29:21  Siphon Coffee Comes to the US
00:29:35  Pyrex is Introduced
00:31:30  Spring Tension Filters = Foolproof Coffee
00:33:21  Automating Household Appliances
00:35:03  Farber's Coffee Robot - First Successful Electric Automatic Coffee Maker
00:37:14  Sunbeam's Rise in Vacpot Designs
00:39:12  Cory - Their Role in Vacpot Designs
00:39:48  Silex Continues Market Dominance
00:40:33  More Innovations in Filtration
00:41:53  Wrapup for Part 1, Teaser for Part II
00:43:26  49th Parallel Coffee is the show sponsor - buying from them helps support this podcast.

Enjoy folks!
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