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CoffeeGeek Podcast 071

After a crazy long 3+ year hiatus (not planned!) the CoffeeGeek Podcast is back, with some thoughts on social media and specialty coffee, overly bright espresso trends, and a feature interview with Scott Callendar from La Marzocco on the new La Marzocco Home venture.

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Show Notes:

00:00 CoffeeGeek Podcast 071 Introduction

01:35 What Happened to the Podcast?

05:55 Plans for the CoffeeGeek Podcast going forward

06:51 Social Media and Specialty Coffee

11:48 Google + and it's Coffee Community

14:36 The slow demise of Tumblr for Specialty Coffee social media

16:04 Instagram and Social Media

21:26 Trends in Coffee - Bright Espresso

25:51 The Current Trend to Brightness in Espresso

33:18 "Brightness Fatigue"

38:34 Interview with Scott Callender from La Marzocco

47:02 Scott Gets His Job at La Marzocco

48:11 The Birth of the La Marzocco Home Website

50:20 Scott's Three Favourite Things about LM Home

54.43 Is There a La Marzocco Home "Community"?

55:54 What's in it for Existing LM GS3 Owners?

61:36 Will the rumoured La Marzocco Mini Linea be Real?

64:46 What Will it all Cost?

68:33 Show Wrap Up

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