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CoffeeGeek Podcast 072

It's our second podcast in recent memory! Does this mean the CoffeeGeek Podcast really is back? Could be! We'll have a great interview with Madcap Coffee's Trevor Corlett for the bulk of this podcast, but will also be talking in depth about the charitable organization Coffee Kids and how it had to shut its doors for 2015, a very sad event.

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Detailed Show Notes

00:00 Introduction - CoffeeGeek Podcast 072

02:07 Talking About Coffee Kids

03:17 CoffeeGeek and CoffeeKids

04:12 CoffeeKids Las Nubes Project

08:05 Thank you to fundraisers for Las Nubes

09:22 Specialty Coffee let Coffee Kids down

10:48 Coffee Kids Shuts down in 2015

11:40 The Good folks of Specialty Coffee

12:51 $200 Copper Manual Pour Kettles

14:04 30,000 helped in 2013 by CoffeeKids; Zero in 2016.

15:07 Raising Awareness does not equal real help

17:15 The two ways you can help a charity

18:25 Will explore and publicize other charities working in coffee communities in the future

19:18 Make 2015 your year to give back to coffee growing families

21:26 Introduction for Trevor Corlett Interview

22:01 Trevor Corlett Interview

22:48 Barista Guild Barista Camp

24:46 Rancilio XCelsius Project and Temperature Profiling

28:09 About Madcap Coffee

30:36 How Madcap sources coffee

32:18 Whats most important at Madcap - drip or espresso?

33:51 Madcap brewing methods and community Chemex

34:47 What Trevor is drinking (coffee wise) today

37:13 The comeback of the blend?

40:33 Kobra Kai of Coffee - blast from the past

42:32 Trevor competes with a decaf coffee at USBC

46:46 The Sugar Decaf Process

52:43 Why haven't we heard more of this sugar process decaf?

54:26 Madcap Coffee in 2015

47:30 More about quality blends for espresso

61:55 Revisiting Temperature Profiling for espresso

62:58 What is influencing espresso more in 5, 10 years: Temp profiling, or Pressure profiling?

65:45 Interview Wrapup

68:35 Final thoughts on Coffee Kids, Charities in 2015

035,Sinatra's Coffee Song

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