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CG Podcast 020 - Emails and Radio! Details:

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Questions or comments or call the voicemail line at 1-206-965-8185, or Skype to Skype - search for the "CoffeeGeek" username.

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Show Notes

Emails Answered

- What makes a good home blend. Mark talks about Brasil, Guatamala, Sumatra, and Yemen
- Corrections on cafe locations: Coffee Klatch is in San Dimas, CA, not San Diego. Ecco Caffe is in Santa Rosa, CA, not Santa Barbara
- Listener from Nepal! Woot!
- Writer from Oslo talks about his progression in espresso.

Radio Interviews
Surpise content for CG Podcast 020 - Some radio interviews I've done in the past that contain good info, and show a snapshot of my espresso knowledge 3+ years ago.
- CBC Radio interview, talking about coffee, the romance of coffee, while doing a cupping
- This was the impetus for creating the Beginner's Guide to Cupping
- CKNW Interview - general discussion about coffee, how to get good coffee at home, and where good cafes are in Vancouver. I even brought in a balance brewer for her to check out.

A slightly shorter one today, but hey, you get two podcasts in only 3 days! ;)

Enjoy folks!
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We have lots of podcast plans for down the road, but for now, I want to hear what you would like in the CoffeeGeek Podcast. Here's some of our suggested segments; Tell us if they suit, and if we're missing anything.

- Roundtable discussions with experts in the coffee and espresso business.

- Interviews with coffee and espresso experts around the world

- Discussions with people just discovering the joys of fine coffee

- Coffee as a cultural and artistic thing

- How-to segments teaching the art of coffee and espresso

- News from the world of coffee and espresso

- Product Reviews

- Editorial pieces, including discussion on ethical coffee issues and more.

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