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Show Notes
Reading of the SCAA Bulletin from the Board, and the followup Notice
- SCAA is broke due to "financial irregularities" supposedly due to the previous financial officer's conduct.
- Mark Prince talks about how the SCAA can evolve and actually benefit and become more viable from this crisis.
- The SCAA has three problems that need to be addressed
- Needs to be completely transparent, and evolve into a 21rst century trade organization and stop being mired in the 1970s and 1980s "corporate mentality" that currently plagues it. And start sending out a monthly or bi-weekly electronic newsletter / networking letter to members via email.
- Needs to be a year round organization that isn't just about the annual trade show and conference.
- Needs to genuinely address why they have so many lapsed members. This organization probably has a lapsed membership roll of 7,500 or more members. Why? Fix it.
- Mark has problems with the SCAA using the term "first responders" - this should be reserved for those who take life-risks in aiding those who truly need help, ie, firefighters, hurricane relief workers, etc.

Mark answers emails
- Which is better to attend - Illy's Universita del caffe in Trieste, or the American Barista and Coffee School in Portland.
- What is the difference between doserless and doser espresso grinders and which is better
- Mention of the Espresso Glossary on CoffeeGeek
- A question on heat exchanger machines, why they may be too hot, and single boiler machines that don't have enough power.
- Reader would like a "quick tips" part of the podcast. Mark give a tip for good coffee: a good grinder.

News with Jeanette. You can contact Jeanette at
- Stolen cappuccino machine
- Tim Hortons stops the "Get Mugged" program
- Indonesia ramps up coffee production to create more instant Coffee
- Helping out Hurricane Katrina first responders
- IllyCafe opens in SoHo, NYC
- Email to the news editor, re Jura Capresso advertising super autos in Cargo Magazine
- Ramping up coffee stuff in NOLA - Mark mentions no specialty coffee comes in through New Orleans
- Pam Anderson and Espresso

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